Top 5 sushi recipes

1. Tiger Sushi Roll

Known to some as shrimp tempura roll, this includes a shrimp tempura with vegetables like avocado and cucumber. The name comes from the yellow shrimp tempura and often times it is served with the eel sauce that gives that tiger print (black and yellow). The concept of putting shrimp tempura has become very popular in Japan as well, and there are onigiri rice balls with shrimp tempura in a sushi roll called “ten-musu”.

– Everyone likes tempura, especially shrimp tempura. And that gets even better when it is wrapped up in rice and nori to become tiger roll with that sweet eel sauce.

2. Philadelphia (Philly) Sushi Roll

One of the well-known American fusion rolls that consists of raw salmon and cream cheese. Obviously when we think of cream cheese, we think of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and that’s where the name came from. The notion that avocado’s texture is similar to that of fatty tuna is even more intensified when avocado and cream cheese are added to the already fatty salmon.

– We can’t call it a Philly without cream cheese, right? So yeah, go ahead and ask for that cream cheese. And if the chef says they don’t have it, maybe we should just bring our own? Ever wonder how it would taste if you use flavored cream cheese instead of plain?

3. Crunch Sushi Roll

Often mixed up with the tiger sushi roll because it also contains shrimp tempura. The main difference between the Crunch and the Tiger is the exterior. The crunch roll uses “tenkasu” or the crispy tempura breading that surrounds the outside of the roll, giving it extra crisp to the roll. Some places make the tenkasu in the morning, others make it per order (for maximized crunch). It is also served with eel sauce.

– We began seeing crunch rolls around 2005-ish, and it really took off. It’s also around the time when the price of shrimp tempura rolls without the crunch, which were once around $7, shot up to $10 because of the crunch. Oh but we can’t help ordering it without the crunch…

4. Dynamite Sushi Roll

The dish “Dynamite” became popular in the United States back in the early 2000s. It was sautéed/baked seafood with a special spicy mayo dressing, and was so popular, in fact, someone said, hell, why don’t we incorporate it into our sushi rolls. And from there came the Dynamite Roll, usually consisting one to two types of seafood (scallop, shrimp, yellowtail, etc) with that addicting spicy mayo sauce.

– I bet you were a big fan of the dynamite dish, until you discovered the dynamite roll. Yes that baked mayo is indeed a great invention of the American fusion sushi.

5. Rainbow Sushi Roll

When you want rolls because they are so good, but also want raw fish this is what you should order. A rainbow sushi roll is a California sushi roll topped with layers of various slices of fish and avocado. You will often see yellowtail, boiled shrimp, tuna, and salmon. It gives a colorful look resembling a rainbow and that’s where the name comes from. Despite using a lot of raw fish, it’s not that expensive (usually around $4 to $5 more than a normal California sushi roll).